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ZapThink SOA Training & Certification: The Leading Vendor Independent, Architect-Focused SOA Training

ZapThink’s Licensed ZapThink Architect (LZA) Service-Oriented Architecture Training & Certification Boot Camp is recognized around the world as the best single Service-Oriented Architecture training course available anywhere.


Announcing new version 10.0 of the course, with brand new content on Next Generation, Agile SOA!

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The LZA SOA Boot Camp is an intensive, four day “fire hose” of information that prepares you to succeed with your SOA efforts, whether you’re just beginning them or are well down the road with SOA.

ZapThink’s LZA SOA Training reflects the best thinking and research that ZapThink produces.

ZapThink’s LZA SOA training & certification has no prerequisites, and is designed for architects, but appropriate for people with different roles and levels of expertise. This course is valuable for anyone who wants in-depth knowledge about how to succeed with SOA.

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What makes the LZA SOA Boot Camp so special?

  • Vendor independent — We discuss vendors in context, both good and bad. You get a balanced perspective on each vendor we discuss.
  • Architect focused — The course concentrates on what architects have to do to be successful with SOA in their own organizations. We balance technology details with organizational approaches. If you’re not an architect you’ll learn how to think like one in this class!
  • Practical — we connect theory to practice with what really works in organizations like yours.
  • Current — we refresh the course on a regular basis to reflect the latest SOA best practices, as well as how SOA relates to other architectural challenges in the enterprise.
  • Enterprise context — SOA is an approach to organizing enterprise IT resources to meet changing business needs. We place SOA into the context of large organizations, with complex, heterogeneous IT environments and all the politics and bureaucracy that every large organization faces.
  • Globally recognized certification — Everybody who completes the LZA SOA Boot Camp obtains a certificate representing their LZA credential, giving you the right to call yourself a Licensed ZapThink Architect with all the privileges that come along with this exclusive credential.
  • Led by globally recognized SOA thought leader — All ZapThink’s courses are developed and led by Jason Bloomberg, ZapThink Managing Partner. Jason has been an analyst with ZapThink since 2001 and is the co-author of Service Orient or Be Doomed!
  • Not too technical, not too high-level — Unlike courses offered by others, we cover the technology without getting lost in the details. We discuss the big picture but connect it to the day-to-day reality of the IT shop.
  • Available around the world — See the event schedule on this page for all the locations we’re offering the LZA SOA Boot Camp!

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Different ways to take a ZapThink course

  • Public Enrollment Courses — Given around the world by Jason Bloomberg in person, our public enrollment courses have the special benefit of learning from other architects in other organizations.
  • Private Enrollment Courses — Have a group of 20 or more? Bring expert trainer Jason Bloomberg and the LZA course in-house! Save money and have a course at a location and time most convenient for your organization.
  • Online, Self-Paced Course — If you don’t have the travel budget or flexibility for an in-person course, ZapThink offers an online version as well.
  • Special courses for special needs — If you’d like to bring ZapThink into your organization but the LZA course isn’t a good fit, we can modify it to suit your needs. We also offer an Enterprise Cloud Computing course, SOA for Managers course, and a DoDAF with SOA course as well.

Register now for an LZA SOA Boot Camp near you!

LZA SOA Training Course Agenda

Module 1: SOA as Agile Architecture – NEW!

    What is Service-Oriented Architecture, how does it relate to Enterprise Architecture, and what will it take to achieve business agility with SOA?

Module 2: APIs to Services: Past & Future – NEW!

      The broader context for Services: loosely coupled interfaces that build on the idea of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). And how does REST impact the world of Services?

Team Exercise: Return on Investment of SOA

    How do you quantify the benefit of SOA in dollars (or euros, or pounds…)

Homework: Service Model

    Changing business requirements on one hand, complex technology environment on the other. Where to start? With the Services, of course!

Module 3: SOA Intermediaries

      The great Enterprise Service Bus boondoggle and what the real story is about how middleware and RESTful intermediaries fit into the SOA puzzle.

Module 4: Service Composition and Business Process

    Providing business agility and empowering the business to take greater responsibility for their business processes by implementing them with compositions of Services, including Web Services as well as RESTful Services.

Team Exercise: Service Compositions

      How compositions of Services implement business processes.

Homework: SOA Business Case

      How would you convince your CEO that SOA is the right solution to his or her problems?

Module 5: The Role of Data & Semantics

Data as the foundation for SOA, the Data Services Layer, and new treatment of Semantics and SOA, including real-world examples.

Module 6: SOA Governance

 Governance of the SOA initiative is important, but we take SOA governance to the next level: how can SOA help with IT and organizational governance, and how does governance support Agile Architecture?

Team Exercise: Governance Framework

      What do architects need to think about when they think about governance?

Module 7: Planning & Running the SOA Initiative

      A deep dive into the iterative approach to rolling out SOA in real organizations.

Team Exercise: SOA Roadmap

      What are the interdependencies among all the activities that make up a SOA initiative?

Module 8: SOA Organizational Challenges

      Compared to organizational challenges, the technology is the easy part. Learn how other organizations like yours dealt with the political, bureaucratic, and interpersonal challenges inherent in most SOA initiatives.

Final Exam: SOA Jeopardy!

Play the Jeopardy! quiz show game with everyone in the class. Show your command of the material and win a copy of the book :

Agile Architecture Revolution!


  Location: Lagos (To be communicated)
  Number of days: 4 days
  Cost of Training: USD 1995 (NGR 329,175)
  Discount applies for full payment 2-weeks before commencement
  Date: 5th - 8th March 2013
  Facilitated by:  Jason Bloomberg

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