Professional Solutions

Our solutions, span the Telecom, Retail, Financial Services, Education, Healthcare, Oil & Gas and other industries. Combining domain knowledge with local & offshore relationships that lead to cost advantages and resource flexibility for our clients

Mobile, Desktop and Enterprise Suite

Our desktop solutions include printers, scanners, photo copiers, desktop computers (PCs), laptops, PDAs, mobile phones et al. We also in the supply, repairs, support and maintenance of the mobile, enterprise and desktop solutions we support. 

Power Based Solutions

Power Inverters, UPS, Surge Arresters, Batteries, Accessories et al at the Head Office or at the Branches of your bank. These are very effective for your Banking-Halls and offices, Bank’s Signage Boards and ATM machines.

General Services and Consumables

Our General Services and Consumables  include printing, stationaries, complementary cards, diaries, calendars, logo design, office lapels  et al

Infrastructure Based Solutions and licensing

Active and Passive Devices :  Intel Based and Enterprise Servers, Tape Libraries and Printing, Storages, Converged Infrastructure, Routing and Switching Equipment, Licensing, Antivirus and Anti-Malware Solutions, Data Center Solutions, CCTV solutions, Cloud Based Solutions et al 

Procurement of Hardware

We provide procurement and procurement advisory services for the purchase of IT Hardware/Software. These include: Desktops, Laptops, Servers,and Accessories, Database software, Data Storage, Software licensing, Network/Active Devices, ICT Consumables

COTS, Open-Source & Custom Software development

We develop the products required by the clients using our team of the best software developers who are highly experienced  in  developing efficient  and  user  friendly  products (using Java, .Net, HTML et al). 

Network Management and Network Analytics

We help our clients take full control of their IT infrastructure and achieve operational excellence by presenting them with tools which provide end-end visibility of their Enterprise. Our solutions cover every category of the FCAPS framework

Network Management and Network Analytics